Handling scars

I have high respect for cosmetic surgery. If one is to live in a Western society, and pursue a highly sexual life-style, good looks, and, even more so, young looks, are extremely important.

Therefore, I have always been inclined to try out anything (really everything) that can give me a competitive advantage.

OK, cosmetic surgery leaves scars, and you look better without.

So, what are the options.

1. Vitamin A cream (Renova) – no dramatic effect, but at least no harm done as long as it is applied only after dark.

2. Therapeutic tattoos – scar tissue is usually lighter in color than normal skin tissue. So, the idea of therapeutic tattoos is to ink scars. I tried it. It’s a joke. It just gave me a dark scar instead of a light colored one. I doubt that they could ever match colors.

3. Plant some hair into scars. The success rate of individually transplanted hair may not very high. It’s probably below 50 percent. But for areas where hair usually grows, or might grow, it can be a definite improvement.


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