Invasive cosmetic surgery

I have considerable experience with those. But I have all but stopped them.

Yes, face lifts can be dramatic improvements.

And that can also go dramatically wrong. Unexpected tell-tale scars are only a comparatively minor risk.

But some people have died during face lifts, usually at the hand of anesthetists, or suffered terribly during anesthesia awareness, and sometimes, surgeons cut facial nerves, leaving a face one side paralyzed. That is not attractive….. try to find a husband or wife.

Even if nothing goes wrong, you are not fit to be with people for at least 2 weeks. They will ask you about symmetric wounds.

So, I am pretty much out of invasive procedures. Apart from face lifts, this includes tummy tucks (guaranteed better results with the Serge Kreutz diet, and no scars), eyelid operations, neck and arm lifts, etc.

Non-invasive procedures like Botox, fillers, tongkat ali, and thread lifts have less dramatic results. But are also much, much, much less risky.