Recommended and not recommended cosmetic surgery procedures for female genital beauty

The rationale for female genital cosmetic surgery procedures is the same as for practically every cosmetic surgery procedure: to project the impression of youth.

What few women are aware of is the fact that female genital beauty can almost hypnotize men. Genital beauty can have a much more profound impact on a man than general beauty, especially when the female intention is to bind a man permanently to her.

While a tighter vaginal canal (as it can be effected through sirih leaves) increases male pleasure during intercourse, genital beauty is not so much aimed at an optimal physiology during intercourse. Rather, the target is a man’s mind. What a woman wants to achieve through appropriate genital cosmetic surgery is that her genital appearance leaves a strong impression on a man’s though and memory mechanisms.

When a man’s wife or girlfriend has a virginal pubic area, a man will be much less likely to desert her than will be the case if her pubic area appears overly adult.

However, we want to point out that there is a sharp distinction between those female genital surgery procedures which we recommend, and those we strongly advise against.


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