Restoring vaginal tightness

“From the male perspective, one of the biggest turn-offs in sexual relationships is the lack of vaginal tightness encountered, unfortunately, with many women.

I can have a wife who is a bad cook, or one who refuses to wash my clothes. But if the sex is miserable, for what to have a wife? I’d be better off living alone. At least, when I live alone, I still have a realistic prospect to find a woman with whom the sex is good.

I am a man with straight sexual preferences, without any tendencies towards the kinky stuff. I just like vaginal penetration. I can enjoy some kissing, and foreplay, but all of this never is a substitute for the main course, vaginal penetration until orgasm.

Actually, I believe that most men would be like that, if it were not for anatomical difficulties.

Now, I don’t mean the difficulty to penetrate a virgin. This difficulty is just plain pleasure.

The real difficulties are exactly the opposite: a vagina that does not have a grip.

If I have vaginal intercourse (the only kind of intercourse I enjoy), the one thing I really can’t have is feeling lost in an ocean of female vaginal lubrication, with nothing to rub my member at.

Usually the two miserable conditions come in a pair. Those women who anyway have XXXL vaginas are also those who discharge embers full of vaginal lubrication.

Actually, I think that many men feel this way. Those who develop preferences for anal or oral sex do so primarily because the vaginas of their wives or otherwise sexual partners have, by and large, become unusable, at least as pleasure-providing paradise (such vaginas may still have their legitimate use to give birth to ever more children).

I believe that more and more women are becoming aware of the incredible asset they have when their vaginas are narrow and on the dry side. This is why vaginal reduction surgery (no effect on excessive lubrication), as well as vaginal dryness and tightness herbs, such as daun sirih, are enjoying ever increasing popularity.”


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