Successful use of growth hormone

I know of a rather famous Jakarta physician who has used growth hormone for several years on her own mother. The doc’s mother has been in her 80s. I knew her. The growth hormone injections visibly improved the mother’s health and well-being.

This is in line with scientific research on growth hormone injections. Remember, the Rudman study, too, was done with elderly patients (men over 60).

So, growth hormone does work. But what is not sufficiently emphasized, especially not on sites that make money from selling growth hormone, is the following: the older a patient, and the more senile and decrepit a person, the more this person will benefit from growth hormone injections.

Realistic dosages, or dosages that are in line with youthful levels, will do practically nothing for healthy people, even if they are beyond the prime of their life (sexually and otherwise).

This is my own experience, and also the experience of a few people I have had correspondence with on this subject, and who have also tried growth hormone injections.


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